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Learn how to leverage Google's BigQuery with Google Analytics' data. This article talks about how BigQuery works, how Google Analytics stores website data and finally how can you query the data from Google Analytics in BigQuery.
This article covers various reasons to use Google's BigQuery along with the data stored in Google Analytics.
Approximately half of the internet traffic consists of Bot activities. These bots can either attack your website or spam your website data. In order to take impactful decision you need the cleanest data. Visit this guide for detailed procedure for bot detection via Google's reCaptcha v3.
With increasing marketing activity and marketing spend, it is necessary to strategize your Marketing campaign. You should be able to breakdown the content and message i.e. Marketing Campaign Creative, that you are delivering and see what works better. Read this article for an in-depth award winning approach.
Detailed beginner's guide for Attribution Modeling. Complete knowledge about Standard Models with every advantage and disadvantage. Click the link to Learn More!
We all know about the passion and race about being a good developer, we all have faced it or are still going through it. Doesn’t matter if you are a professional or just starting fresh, you will always have to simplify things down, make a plan and then stick up
Note: This is something I wrote during college I am not new to writing, but yes this is my first ever online blog post. Although, I got over 1 Lakh views as well as became one of the top writers in one of the categories on Quora in my first